MopUpArt stands for Mobile.Popup.Art
Hello, we are Pauline and Jia. We aren’t certified art buffs but we believe art in the everyday. That art shouldn’t be constraint by four walls or talent. Art can be for everyone and by anyone. Our projects redefine everyday places, turning the ordinary into out-of the ordinary and inviting others to become active contributors in this transformation too.

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Hello 2012! It’s been a long while, sending tiny apologies for hibernating. December was filled with partying, eating and getting more inspired for the new year! 

Here’s a song and band to watch for 2012

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Idea for installation - folded paper and projections
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Camera Obscura

What we had in mind was either to have projections on abandoned warehouses like the one opposite kith cafe. It could be rhetorical questions or short video or images of what that space could become. Another thought was to set up a teepee or canopy tent on grass patches like at Raffles Place and we invite people to lie on their backs and get treated to a kaleidoscopic experience. To reimagine space - if you are keen to collaborate or help make this come true, drop us a note :D

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Occupy is the new Black

At least there’s some good coming out of Occupy.

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Vending Art Culture

Similar to the spirit of MopUpArt, I came across two projects that are based on the concept of making Art approachable and accessible. They also provide an alernative platform for budding artists as well as to promote art jn the city Art-O-Mat is all about vending art culture -a selling personalized art in an old cigarette vending machine. Box it functions like rental lockers in train stations. You can rent a box to display your artwork for any period of time. Passerby have the chance to vote which art they prefer by clicking the “like” button on the boxes. The box with the highest likes will get its rent refunded! What an innovative way to excite and discover

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The Vintage Mobile

I was reading sea of shoes recently and discovered this amazing mobile store called The Vintage Mobile that’s in Texas!

Check out this video to see how great it looks from inside!

Hoping they’ll make a miracle roadtrip down to Singapore!

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Back to barter

"Non*Mart first started as a design studio and shop that used post-consumer waste and repurposed materials to create new goods and services" .  Initiated by Kathryn Kenworth (she’s got other interesting installation works) and Sasha Petrenko, it is an attempt to explore alternatives to the typical economic exchange.

For example, an artist that puts up a painting for trade will have a “tradebook” that lists the services and products they are willing to exchange for. 

The artists would have achieved their aim in making us think about consumerism since it forces us to think about the value of the skills and items that we own, and how we value the items that we wish to possess.

Workshop on recycled paper.

Source: SF Weekly, Non*Mart, Kathryn Kenworth.

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PAPERGIRL… Singapore?

Papergirl started off in Berlin where the public is invited to send in their art pieces. These art pieces are then exhibited in a gallery. They are then distributed to unsuspecting pedestrians using bicycles.

This initiative has been adapted in many cities like Barcelona, Bristol and Istanbul just to name a few.

So…. do you think Singapore is ready for this? And is this a great way for your artwork to have a new home?

All images taken from Papergirl Vancouver.

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For the love of crochet

Some people knit blankets, but Olek crochet-bombs iconic fixtures in NYC. 

Her artist statement that moved me:

A loop after a loop. Hour after hour my madness becomes crochet. Life and art are inseparable. The movies I watch while crocheting influence my work, and my work dictates the films I select. I crochet everything that enters my space. Sometimes it’s a text message, a medical report, found objects. There is the unraveling, the ephemeral part of my work that never lets me forget about the limited life of the art object and art concept. What do I intend to reveal? You have to pull the end of the yarn and unravel the story behind the crochet.

Source 1Source 2Source 3.

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Protest, in the name of Art.

A city-wide “art attack” has been launched in Boston. 13 bus stops have been outfitted with images that resemble the consequence which resulted from ill practices of the Bank of America. They range from empty nurseries, squatter bedrooms to abandoned homes.

The effects of the credit crunch are as real as it can be for the neighborhoods of Boston. People are evicted from their homes and neighborhoods are kept in poor standards.

Signs in front of the bus stop read: Foreclosure brought to you by Bank of America.

I think it goes to show that with the amount of online coverage happening in this day and age, art - more so than ever - has the capacity to outreach, inform and influence. It’s also a time where we need to find civilized ways to make a point instead of merely shouting out for attention.

Source: Hyperallergic, the Phoenix

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